“Precious in the Sight of God is the Death of His Saint.”

A memorial service was held for Rob on April 16, 2016
at Fairview Baptist Church.

DSC_0158_057With comforted sorrow, we announce the passing of Rob Des Cotes on April 6, 2016. Our grief at his passing is deep – but deeper still is our gratitude and comfort of the Spirit. The seeds of Rob’s ministry yield a harvest which continues to blossom. A gesture of kindness. A word of counsel. Encouragement by grace. An invitation to the love of Jesus. Each of us has a memory of Rob’s impact. You can share your own via the menu on the left. Ultimately the fruit of Rob’s influential living for Christ is best seen from eternity. There is celebration in heaven and on earth for His servant.

Rob focused the last 14 years of his life upon on a fresh way of being a community of faith. He founded and led Imago Dei as a refuge and resource for hearts that longed for God. His example and teaching were a call to prayer. That call remains, as does the need. Hearts still yearn to seek God’s face. There is much that remains for the community of Imago Dei. We continue to find encouragement and hope within our network of communities. We continue to be directed by the weekly reflections written by Rob. We are still a voice of invitation towards a spirituality graced by Jesus, enlivened by the Spirit and submitted to the Father. With gratitude, we rejoice in what God has done. With trust, we look forward to what will yet be.

Rob was looking forward especially in the last few months. He anticipated with joy the coming Summit of Imago Dei leaders May 20-22 at A Rocha. He prepared a video presentation for the Summit to offer his voice of instruction and encouragement. We anticipate blessing. The Summit will be a time to remember and celebrate Rob’s ministry among us. It will offer us opportunity to connect and build community. It will be a time to prayerfully discern our path for the foreseeable future.

Another decision of foresight by Rob was the establishment of a Leadership Team for Imago Dei. You will find their names below. Ruth’s voice and spirit continues to bless us with wisdom. Paul and Paivi, as well as Tom and Kim have led the Vancouver Imago Dei group for years and bring depth and experience. Scott and Miriam are part of the A Rocha Imago Dei group. By the invitation of Rob and the Leadership team, Scott will take up pastoral care for the leaders of the Imago Dei groups. Karin will continue to offer her administrative help. As a team we ask for your prayer that we may serve our Lord well in this ministry.

Above all, we ask you to pray for Ruth and family. They recognize the care of God in the midst of grief. Our love for them expressed before God’s throne, is blended with His grace and descends upon their need.

Leadership Team of Imago Dei

Ruth Des Cotes, Paul Woodyard, Paivi Kivi, Tom Balke, Kim Balke, Scott Tolhurst, Miriam Tolhurst, Karin Brown.