Welcome to Imago Dei Christian Community

Imago Dei is an ecumenical network of Christian faith communities based in Vancouver, British Columbia, with sister groups across Canada, as well as in the USA, UK and Asia. It is a ministry that has formed around principles of spiritual direction for the encouragement of a genuine experience of growth in the Christian spiritual life.

Imago Dei provides resources for the cultivation of the practice of prayer and the life of faith. It also models and encourages small fellowship groups for those who wish to pursue, in community with others, a growing communion with God in their lives.  The Imago Dei Leadership team and group leaders offer retreats, spiritual direction and various other resources for individual spiritual growth to all who desire encouragement. We also represent a community of faith that meets regularly for fellowship and support.

Our ministry is

  • to encourage a deeper spirituality in the lives of Christians
  • to help recognize and welcome God’s transforming work in life
  • to encourage a growing faith towards the life God is calling us to live in this world.

an image that is aligned left


We refer to Imago Dei as “a community drawn to Christ” and the uncompleted pen drawing by Rembrandt that we use for our logo represents the ongoing question that inspires us in all we do: “Who are we becoming in Christ?”


Imago Dei Leadership Team: (L to R) Miriam Tolhurst, Paul Woodyard, Kim Balke, Bern Barton, Paivi Kivi, Karin Brown, Tom Balke, Ruth Des Cotes, Ray Remiszewski

Imago Dei is affiliated with the MB denomination of BC.

“What is Imago Dei and Why it Exists”

(from a talk by Rob Des Cotes at Redlands United Church, Florida, Dec. 13, 2013)