Songs for Prayer

Most of the songs that we use in our fellowships are prayers, set to music. We use original music similar in style to that of the Taize, Northumbria and Iona communities, among others.

You are welcome to use the music below freely.

Abba, Father (pdf)

All Will Be Well (pdf)

Be Still And Know (pdf)

Bread Of The World (pdf)

Christ Love of All Loving (pdf)

City of God (pdf)

Come and Find the Quiet Centre

Come Dwell in the Shelter (pdf)

Come Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove (pdf)

Come To My Help O God (pdf)

Communion Improvisation 1

Communion Improvisation 2

Communion Improvisation 3

Communion Improvisation 4

Communion Improvisation 5

Communion Improvisation 6

Communion Improvisation 7

Communion Improvisation 8

Darkness Into Light (pdf)

Find Rest My Soul (pdf)

Communion improvisation 9

Give Thanks to the Lord (pdf)

God Be In My Head (pdf)

God Ever Merciful (pdf)

God Is Light (pdf)

God Let Your Mercy Be On Us (pdf)

God of the Morning (pdf)

Here I Am (pdf)

Holy, Holy Is the Name of the Lord (pdf)

Holy Spirit, Truth Divine (pdf)


How Gently (pdf)

How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place (pdf)

I Lift Up My Soul (pdf)

I Live, Now Not I (pdf)

I Receive All I Am (pdf)

I Will Always Bless the Lord (pdf)

I Will Give You Rest (pdf)

I Will Search For The One My Heart Loves (pdf)

In Repentance and Rest (pdf)

In the Lord I’ll Be Ever Thankful (pdf)

In Your Light (pdf)

It Is Good to Wait in Silence (pdf)

The Jesus Prayer (pdf)

Kyrie Eleison

Lamb of God

Let It Be, Unto Me (pdf)

Living Water (pdf)

Lord Have Mercy (pdf)

Lord I am Not Worthy (pdf)

Lord You Have Made Known To Me (pdf)


May The Grace Of Christ Our Saviour (pdf)

My Heart Welcomes Your Love (pdf)

My Prayers Rise Like Incense

My Soul Follows Hard After You

My Soul is Thirsting (pdf)

My Soul Magnifies The Lord (pdf)

O God My Heart Is Open (pdf)

O  God We Call (pdf)

O Holy Spirit, Root of Life

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go (pdf)

One Thing God Has Spoken (pdf)

Rest In God Alone (pdf)

Search Me O Lord (pdf)

Send Forth Your Light (pdf)

Send Your Holy Spirit (pdf)

Show Me Your Ways (pdf)

Sing Praise and Bless the Lord

Take Lord and Receive (pdf)

The Lord Bless You (pdf)

The Lord’s Prayer

You Are Everything (pdf)