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The Bible, as we know, is multi-faceted. It reveals different glories according to the angle from which we approach it. Those who work for social justice find a great foundation for their hermeneutics in Scripture that others often never recognize. Persecuted communities find solace in its pages that others have no present need for. Evangelists, teachers and mentors find all they need there to be equipped in the particular work of the Gospel they are called to. So too for contemplatives. People who have their hearts set on pilgrimage uncover unique insights in Scripture that provide spiritual direction for the journey of transformation they are on.

The pages of the Bible are full of direct and indirect teachings on the nature of prayer and of the soul. Scriptures related to the contemplative life are often overlooked by those who read the Bible with other equally important objectives in mind. God, who is most capable of being all things to all people, seems to reveal to us the truth of whatever our hearts seek in the Scriptures.The practice of prayer, especially one that recognizes the contemplative element, provides a perspective from which Scripture both reveals and confirms many sign-posts along the way. It is an interpretative guide that helps us make sense of the process of unknowing that leads to a growing encounter with God in our lives.

These meditations were first written as weekly encouragements for Imago Dei, a network of small faith communities around the world. Members of these communities have found them helpful for promoting discussions on the practicalities of living the spiritual life. We would encourage you as well to consider reading and discussing these in a group along with other seekers.

Rob Des Cotes
Mar. 26, 2006

Vancouver , B.C.


5.0 out of 5 starsKeeping Company with God, Jul 22 2006

By Paul M. Beckingham “Amazed by Grace” (Vancouver, Canada)

Rob Des Cotes’ small volume belies its immense value. As a follower of Jesus, this book will move you below the surface of the distractions of everyday life to arrive at places of deep serenity. These daily readings (it is hard to stop at only one a day!) move the reader to quietly contemplate the goodness of God in one’s lived experience. The practice of prayer becomes a rich adventure of opening up oneself to all that God is.

The author begins with a key scripture verse and proceeds to offer an intruiging contemplative meditation upon it. He comes at the verse with a gentle depth and a refreshing unfolding of its meaning in the life of the believer. The telescope is reversed so that the reader sees more clearly from the detailed perspective that life in each of its parts is a gift and that the principal role of the believer is to receive it from God’s generous hand as a mark of his astonishing kindness.

The author makes frequent and helpful references to the great writers in the Christian traditions of spirituality, including the Desert Fathers, John of the Cross, Teresa of Avila, Meister Eckhart and contemporary writers such as James Houston and Ronald Rolheiser. Always biblical, engagingly conversational and gently didactic, Rob Des Cotes’ volume will companion with you along your journey of faith as you seek to keep company with God.