St. Gregory of Narek

Words to God, from the depth of my heart
St. Gregory of Narek

There was a time when I did not exist
Yet thou hast created me;
I did not beseech thee for a wish
Yet thou hast fulfilled it;
I did not come into the light
Yet thou hast seen me;
I had not yet appeared
And thou hast taken pity on me;
I had not invoked thee
Yet thou hast taken care of me;
I did not raise my head
Yet thou hast looked at me;
I had not entreated thee
Yet thou wast merciful to me;
I had not uttered a sound
Yet thou hast heard me;
I had not groaned
Yet thou has lent an ear.
With eyes that knew the future, thou sawest
The crimes of my guilty self
And yet thou hast fashioned me;

And now, I who have been created by thee
And saved by thee
Are also being tended with such care,
By thee, My Lord,
Who art behind me
And also before me.

Spare Me
St. Gregory of Narek

Spare me that I may not
labor without birth,
sigh without tears,
meditate without voice,
cloud without rain,
struggle without reaching,
call without being heard,
implore without being heeded,
groan without being comforted,
beg without being helped,
smolder without aroma,
see you without being fulfilled.